An Instagram Review of Summer 2017

Hi friends!!! I can't believe summer is officially over! Well obviously by summer I mean that school has started, the season is nowhere near over unfortunately :( #texasprobs

My senior year of college has started!!! How insane. This summer was really special and definitely one to remember!! Here are a couple of highlights I wanted to share that sum up Summer 2017!! 

Seeing my Grandma!!!

Right as spring semester ended, I flew to San Diego to stay with my grandma for a few days!!! It was my first time flying alone and it was so much fun seeing her! She is so close to me and while it stinks that she's so far, I love an excuse to come to Cali :) 

Back in the land of perfect weather 🌴🌼🌞

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Obviously visiting Australia was a major highlight of my summer and one of the coolest places I've been to!! Here's the link to my post with tons of pictures from my trip and another one with all my food pics!! Such an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back!!

First day in Australia and I've already made a friend, meet Kodi 🐨

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Sydney πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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This was my first summer in Austin with Mia and we had so much fun! Although I was summer taking classes, we got to spend a lot of fun together and we went to Zilker park probably twice a week. She loves it there and I love meeting other doggies and watching her play!! You can follow her on Insta now too! ;)

Park days are the best days 🌿🌻

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My very first time swimming!! Working on my doggie paddle!!!! 🏊🏽

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Anyone that knows me knows that I'm completely in love with Shawn Mendes. He is probably my favorite artist and I'm just obsessed. This summer I went to his Illuminate Tour in Dallas and it was AMAZINGGG! This was my third time seeing him in concert and agh it was definitely a night to remember. 

Third time seeing you and it never gets old πŸ’œ

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Reunited with Ma Girlssss

I was finally reunited with two of my best friends from high school!! We met back in Abilene, after so many months apart! You might remember these two gals from their Makeover Mondays a long time ago (link to Ems Makeover, Laurs Makeover)!! Em was in Spain all last semester and most of this summer, I hadn't seen her in over 7 months!! Laur was in Taiwan for 6 weeks this summer and I hadn't seen her since last semester! It was so good to see them and hang out with them for a few days before we had to go back to school!! Having great friends makes coming home even better!!

Senior year of college starts next week 😱 #old

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Little Bro goes to College!!!

The end of summer was marked by dropping Spencer off at college!!! All the way in Cleveland, Ohio. This was my first time visiting Ohio and while the drive there and back was definitely not a highlight, getting to visit my little bro's campus and seeing where he'll be living for the next 4 years was really exciting!

I'm not crying I just got something stuck in my eye okay

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Hope you guys liked seeing my look back from this summer!! I'm so excited for this semester and what's to come!!! Thanks again for your support as always!