I recently decided to dye my tips with my good friend Payal! We were originally going to go to a salon but decided recently to take the challenge into our own hands! I wanted purple tips and Payal wanted teal tips! It was so fun and turned out great!! I'm here to show you how we got our results!!

Payal had virgin hair, the only coloring she's done to her hair was use Sun In for about 6 months until she stopped due to the damage it was causing. I have dyed my hair a few times with brown dye but never bleached it.

I did my research and decided to choose these products: L'Oreal blue bleach powder, L'Oreal 30 oreor creme dilutant, Wella toner in the shade T18, and Arctic Fox hair dye in Purple Rain and Poseidon. We were very careful about which dye we chose and Arctic Fox had a lot of great reviews and as a bonus, it is a cruelty free!!

We first put coconut oil in our hair to protect our hair from some damage that the bleach would cause. We only did this right before bleaching, but I would recommend doing this step the night before. It is also best to do this on hair that's a few days old (hasn't been washed in a few days). 

We followed the instructions on the bleach packet and our mixture looked like this. I think we added a little less dilutant than the instructions, but this made the mixture thicker which made it easier to coat our hair. We didn't have a brush so we just used our hands! This is what our hair looked like after coated. We left this on for about 50 minutes. 






This is what the bleach looked like in our hair and after we rinsed it out. I told Payal I wanted more of my hair bleached for the next round. For Payal, I started running out of bleach towards the top section of her hair so we made these few adjustments for the second round of bleach.

We waited until our hair dried before continuing with the second round of bleach. We followed the same steps but left the bleach in a little bit longer. After rinsing the bleach out we mixed the toner with some of our dilutant. I would recommend purchasing a toner that is the same brand as your dilutant, but this was all we had to work with. This is what the toner looked like, but a few minutes after I took the picture, it turned a solid purple color. We put it in our hair and waited about 20 minutes. The purpose of toner is to tone your hair more towards your desired color using the opposite color of the color wheel. A toner will counteract the brassiness in your hair color that may result from the bleach. The toner was really thin and pretty messy. Our hair was still a little more orange than we wanted it after, so the next day we used the toner again and left it in a little longer. 

We were planning on dyeing our hair with the color like later that week but there was a problem with our order and it didn't come in for another week! By then we were both swamped with tests and schoolwork so unfortunately it wasn't for about a month until we had time to dye our hair. :( I definitely don't recommend waiting this long since some of the color did fade a little bit, but we the color still turned out alright!!! We read online that instead of purchasing the dilutant from Arctic Fox you could use white conditioner! So that's what we did, these are the amounts and ratios we used, this dye is super concentrated, so a small amount went a long way. For this step we actually read that it was better to work with clean hair so we washed our hair the night before!

We left the dye in for about 5 hours. A long time, I know. You definitely don't have to leave it in this long but this dye brand has no chemicals and isn't damaging to your hair. It's pretty much like just putting conditioner in your hair! It smells so good too! Like grape, which isn't my favorite scent, but compared to the usual smell of hair dye, this was amazing! This is what our hair looked like with the dye in our hair.

We definitely saw the color coming through but it wasn't as vibrant as we wanted and not quite at the shade we were hoping for. Payal's looked a little green and mine a little pinkish. This is what our hair looked like after the first round!

So we mixed another batch and added more dye to our original ratio and started the process again! This next round we only left the dye in for about 3 hours. 

Now time for after pics!!!!!!

This is what Payal's hair looked like!! She loves it and I think it looks so cute on her!!! 

Mine was definitely a little more subtle since it was a lot darker of a color and not as much of my hair was dyed, but I'm so obsessed with it!! 

 Failed hair flip attempt

Failed hair flip attempt

I loved the outcome of my hair and Payal's!! I'm looking forward to seeing how long the color lasts, but from my experience so far, I highly recommend this brand of hair dye and I would definitely use it again! The biggest tips I can give you is to do your research and be very thorough when bleaching! There were a few parts of Payal's hair that wasn't bleached as well so the dye didn't come through as much. 

I've always wanted to dye my hair and now it's my favorite color!! I couldn't be happier!!