3 No-Bake Easter Desserts Using 4 Ingredients or Less!

Hello Easter bunnies!!!! It's almost Easter wekend and the feeling of Easter is in the air!! I wanted to share a few Easter desserts that are crazy easy to make and taste so delicious!!! Making all three of these desserts took me less than an hour! There's nothing better than festive desserts to get you in the holiday mood!! Let's get started!

1. Easter Bunny Chow


6 cups Chex cereal

12 oz CandyQuik white chocolate

1 1/2 cups shredded coconut

pastel m&ms


First I melted the chocolate, These Candyquik packages come in 16 oz but i only used 12 oz. I used to use those melting chips but they didn't always work, so now I use Candyquik and it has worked great! 

Next I added the chex cereal and carefully mixed in the white chocolate. Then I folded the coconut into the mixture. After that, I poured the chex mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to let it cool. 

After the mixture was cooled i put the pieces into a bowl and mixed in some m&ms! That's it! The coconut gives the bunny chow a nice furry-looking texture that reminds me of an actual bunny! This was a great twist on puppy chow and super festive for Easter!! Yummy!!!

2. Easter Marshmallow Bark


16 oz CandyQuik white chocolate

1 package of Jet-Puffed flavored mini marshmallows

Sprinkles (optional)


First melt the Candyquik according to the instructions on package. Next I mixed the package of marshmallows into the chocolate and then added a few sprinkles!

I lined a baking sheet with saran wrap in both directions so each of the sides would be covered. Next I poured the mixture into the sheet and spread it evenly. 

I sprinkled some sprinkles on top for some extra decoration and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden. Finally I broke off pieces and ta-da!! Super delicious and such a simple recipe!!

3. Peep S'mores


Graham crackers

Hershey's chocolate bar



Make s'mores like you usually do but instead of marshmallows use Peeps!! They give a really nice color to the s'mores and the small sprinkles on the outside give a great texture! Microwave them for about 15 seconds, watching them closely and pausing the microwave if they get too big!

Pro tip: microwave the s'mores on a paper towel because melted marshmallow is not fun to clean up!! 

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and hopefully you can try them out this weekend during your Easter festivities!! They were so delicious and fun to make! Each of these used 4 ingredients or less and didn't require any baking! 

Have a great Easter weekend!