Food Diary: Australia

Hello Foodies!!!! As y'all know, I just got back from Australia and one of the things I was so excited about was obviously the food!!!!! Being in Australia there was a lot of seafood, and visiting Sydney, there was a lot of Asian food!! But there were also a few foods that were native to Australia that I knew I had to try, which is why I made a food checklist ;) Let's get started!!!!

Port Douglas

In Port Douglas we mainly ate seafood and it did not disappoint!!!!! Fish and chips all the way!


In Sydney, we mostly ate Asian food, which was really delicious, there were so many options!!!


The meat pies were really so yummy, and ugh Tim Tams are so freaking delicious, I wish they were easier to find here in the states. My favorite flavor was the original. I really enjoyed the beetroot burger also, I think the sweetness compliments the meat really well. The worst thing i tried was definitely the Vegemite, I can't even describe the taste... It was kind of sour, and just really really bad. I will forever wonder why it's an Australian staple...

I hope you enjoyed seeing my food pics from Australia!! I had the best time eating my way through this amazing country!! I can't wait to come back here and eat more ;)