Food Diary: Boston, Massachusetts

I love going on vacation so much, and what I'm always most excited about is... you guessed it, THE FOOD #noshame. I can't help it!! Eating great food, trying new foods, it is just one of the best parts of life in my opinion. Before we went to Boston, I did a lot of research on good food places and got so pumped for the good food that was waiting for me there. I had to share with y'all all the great restaurants I tried in Boston, otherwise all the shamed #foodpics I took would've been in vain. If you haven't checked out my Travel Adventures blog post from last week please do! It'll give a little background on where we were when we ate at these places.

Day 1:

We went to a restaurant which was known to have the best lobster roll in Boston. I love seafood so much and obviously Boston has amazing seafood! The restaurant was called Atlantic Fish Company. It was a pretty fancy restaurant, I gotta say, but man it was so good. We started off with calamari which was delicious, I definitely preferred the fried over the grilled though. For entree I got crab cake melt. My mom got the lobster roll and we shared, but although they're known for their lobster roll, I thought my sandwich was better! I don't want to know how much butter they put on that bread but MANNN, it was so good. And the sweet potato fries, ugh, definitely the best I've ever had in my life. The lobster roll was really delicious too. The lobster was super fresh! I would definitely recommend going here, but maybe go for the crab cake melt instead? Whatever you end up ordering here, it will be delicious.

That afternoon we went to Emack & Bolio's. This was on my list of places to go in Boston. They're known for their cereal ice cream cones and, I mean how can you resist that?! They were so cute agh. I got the flavor "Deep Purple" chip which was a black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips and I put it in a fruity pebble cone. I wanted to try something a little different than what i usually get and it was so delicious. My mom got the almond coconut bar ice cream in a rice krispie cone. This might be the prettiest ice cream I've ever eaten! It was so delicious also. Definitely a recommended place I would recommend, if not for the love of ice cream, but also the great #instapic.

Boston has a great Chinatown and if you knew how chinese-food obsessed my Dad and brother are, it wouldn't be a surprise that we would eat a lot of our meals here. The food was really authentic and it was really good to get some Chinese food! The Xiao long baos were delicious and the green onion pancake was super crispy. The two noodles we ordered are a rare sighting, even in Dallas, so it was pretty special that we got to eat it here. The green onion pancake with beef inside was something I had never tried before! My Dad said it was super Taiwanese and I'm so glad we tried it because it was so good! Definitely check out the Chinatown next time you're in Boston!

Day 2: 

When we got to Martha's Vineyard the first thing we did was get lunch. My Mom found this place called Martha Vineyard Chowder Co. which is supposed to have the best clam chowder in Boston?? Massachusetts? Not completely sure, but the point was it's good. So obviously we got the clam chowder and I can't say I've had ample bowls of clam chowder in my life or that I'm a clam chowder expert, but this soup was pretty darn good. For me it was the clams. There were SO many clams in this soup, it was crazy and you could just tell they were fresh and not like the fake, minuscule clam pieces in Campbell's or something (no hate to Campbell's intended). Spencer got their fish and chips which came with a huge piece of fresh fish like how they do it in England. My Dad got a fish sandwich which also had a large quantity of fish. The fries were really good here, it was a great lunch spot!

Once we got back from Martha's Vineyard and made our stop at Plymouth, we were starving before dinner, so we had to have a little "pre-dinner." That's the Lin Family way, vacation equals about 5 meals a day :). Anyway, there was this little diner right across the street from the Plymouth rock, so we stopped for a bite! Spencer got the fried dough, which I didn't try any, but it seemed true to its name. Not sure if that's a Boston-specific thing? The rest of us shared these fried clam strips with fries. They were really good. Maybe I was just hungry and love fried food, but these clam strips really hit the spot.

For dinner we got some Korean food at a place really close to Boston University called Seoul Soulongtang. It was rated really well and was really authentic Korean food. I got the dolsot bibimbap which is like my go-to at a Korean restaurant. I love bibimbap so much. It has everything you want in a meal in one bowl and the clay pot is just the coolest. We also shared a seafood pancake which is always delicious.

Day 3:

My Mom said that we had to go to a Dunkin' Donuts while we were in Boston and I'm so glad we did! Boston has the highest density of Dunkin' Donuts in the country. They're literally on every street. I can't remember the last time I had been to Dunkin'. It was delicious as expected. I got the donut holes and they came in 5's, so I got two chocolate and 3 jelly filled. I've never had jelly filled donut holes! I didn't even know that was a thing. I usually don't go for jelly filled donuts, but it was so cute I couldn't resist. My Mom and brother just got a basic cruller donut... boringgg. 

For lunch we went to Italian town, also known as the North End in Boston. That had to be one of my favorite things about Boston, how culturally diverse it is! I love how there's so much authentic food. We went to a restaurant called Benevento's and it was SO AMAZING. It was super Italian, and just so good. We shared a calamari appetizer and for entree I got their homemade gnocchi dish. I used to not like gnocchi, but recently I've been trying it again and really liking it! I wanted to get something that I usually don't get, and it's homemade, so why not?! The gnocchi I've had always had a chewy kind of texture but this gnocchi was really soft and you could really tell it was made with potatoes. It was so delicious. My Dad got their mussels marinara, Spencer got their carbonara which was so crazy buttery and heavy, but really good. My Mom got their Spukone pizza which had sweet Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, and basil. The pizza was really good. I'm usually not a sausage fan, but they sliced it so thin and it was sweet, and so good. Agh this place was amazing and some of the best Italian food I've had, I would recommend it to anyone.

While we were in Italian town, we had to go to the famed Mike's Pastry. This place is so popular! The line was down the street, but thank goodness it moved fast. They are famous for their cannoli's but they have SO many other desserts also! I honestly have no idea how they can bake so many different things, it's crazy. I got a chocolate mousse cannoli. I'm not a huge cannoli fan but the mousse inside was so good!! The shell was crispy and not heavy at all, it was really delicious. I also got their Boston cream pie which I heard was really good. And oh it was. The cake wasn't a normal cake, it was like a sponge cake and the pudding was so good and the chocolate frosting on top was so rich and didn't harden even after waiting hours to eat it. My Mom got a red velvet cupcake and well I can't tell you how that was because she said she was going to eat it and I'm pretty sure she inhaled it because literally less than a minute later it was no where to be found. I would 100% recommend this place and I would highly recommend trying a cannoli and the Boston cream pie.

That was pretty much the end of my food experience in Boston! I have so much love and respect for any city that has great food and great diversity. I really can't wait to come back to Boston and stuff my face some more. If I had to recommend a few places to go to next time you're in Boston it would definitely be:

1) Emack and Bolio's Ice Cream

2) Atlantic Fish Company

3) Benevento's

4) Mike's Pastry

5) Dunkin' Donuts, of course!

I hope you enjoyed a look into my food diary and I wish you all to have good food coming your way ;)