Food Diary: Seoul, Korea

Hello foodies!!!! As you might have read from my last post which you can find here, I visited Korea over winter break and it was amazing!!!! I love food so much and I was so excited for the cuisine on our trip and it didn't disappoint!! I thought a lot about how to organize this post because really more than half of my pictures from the trip were all of food. I have always loved Korean food and I was pleasantly surprised that the food in Korea was pretty similar to Korean food I've had in Texas. Of course the street food was totally new and probably my favorite part of the cuisine. I decided to organize this post by meals, street food, market foods, and then a kind of miscellaneous.

Everything in Korea was pretty much like assumed to be spicy. My tolerance for spicy food went from like a 0 to a 3 (out of 10), so I could handle some of the food. Enough talk, let's get to some food!!!

What we had for breakfast/lunch:

For breakfast and lunch most of our meals were just walking around, randomly picking restaurants that looked good. And I have to say this technique didn't backfire at all!! I really enjoyed all of our meals!

What we had for dinner:


Street food was my absolute favorite. It was so casual and so unique to Korea. There's just something so great about walking around browsing at stores while munching on some delicious food. The street food is certainly something special and enough of a reason for me to travel back to Korea for! I think next time I visit I will eat more street food than I did this trip! 

The first gallery is all from the area Myeongdong which was my absolute favorite. We ate SO much food there that it needed it's own gallery. The other gallery consists of food from Namdaemun, Insa-dong, and then a few random places.

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Night Market food and Fish Market Food:

Night markets are pretty similar to street food, but since I had so many pics I decided to split them up. Night markets had more small shops surrounding the food areas, while street food had beauty and clothing stores surrounding them and is more urbanized. There were places to sit down and eat here which is what we did!

At the fish market we picked our fish and then went upstairs to the restaurant for them to cook it! I mentioned this in my last post! Such a cool experience!


These include food from convenience stores, grocery stores, and just some other random snacks we came across!

The cuisine in Korea was really something special. From the kimchi and diakon at every meal, to the plentiful side dishes, to the terrific street food, it's so unique. I love the detectable influences from Chinese and Japanese culture in their cuisine mixed with the special Korean touch. I've always thought of food as a barrier breaker and to experience new cultures and their foods is something that will always be so special to me. I'm already excited for my next travelling adventure!!