Food Diary: Vietnam

Hi foodies!!! Y'all know how much I love food, and it is one of my favorite parts of travelling!!! VIetnam had some amazing food and I tried so many new things!! Everything in Vietnam is really inexpensive, especially the food. A bowl of pho can be is less than $2!! This pretty much gave me the excuse to try everything and I loved every minute of it!!! Let's get to the food!!!


All of our breakfasts were included at the hotels which was SO YUM!!! It was always a combination of American and Asian breakfast which meant pho and congee (which is a rice porridge) at every breakfast!! So yum. There was so much variety and it was such a great way to start off every day!

Typical Vietnamese Food:

I included this separate because there's a lot of Vietnamese food I eat in Texas that I also had in Vietnam, but also a lot of new foods that I had never seen before!!! In this "typical Vietnamese food" I included pho (I ate a lot more pho than pictured lol), banh mi, and spring rolls!!

New Vietnamese Food that I've never tried!!:

So many new foods I tried! I've always lived by the rule that I should try every food at least once! And that included trying goat for the first time, new fruits, a Vietnamese quesadilla, rice cakes, and blood! Yup, blood.

The second picture with the goat was so interesting! The goat was kind of chewy, but I wasn't a huge fan of the seasoning, it was a little sour. The dried rice paper to the left of the goat was where you could make little spring rolls with goat and other toppings there. The soup was super thick and you were supposed to dip the rice cracker into the soup and it was really delicious!! Then there were also potato wedges and fried pork with what seemed like sweet and sour sauce. 

The blood in my pho was... well an experience. It honestly just tasted like tofu, and didn't even taste bad, but I think mentally I just couldn't get over the fact that it was blood, soo after one bite I was done. 

I loved trying the new fruits!! The java apple was one of my favorites, I've only seen them in Asia, but they're so sweet and have a really unique texture. Jackfruit wasn't my favorite, and the pomelo is literally just like a big grapefruit!

This "quesadilla" was SO yummy!!! We found it while walking around street vendors! It was wrapped in rice paper and inside was some veggies, noodles, and so good!!!


Dessert, aka my favorite!!!!! The most Vietnamese dessert I tried was definitely this coconut milk drink that had pudding, aloe, beans, and it was really good!!!


Trying new snack foods in different countries is one of my favorite things. I tried a bunch of new chip flavors, like these crab chips and some other meat and seaweed chips!! I found this potato spiral ring at a street cart and FREAKED out because I had this in Korea last year and it was my favorite!!! 


If y'all know me well then you know I'm OBSESSED with tapioca drinks. And although boba is technically Taiwanese, there are a TON of boba places in Vietnam and since everything is so inexpensive here, I had boba almost every day, once twice a day, LOL. YUMMM.

I really hope you enjoyed looking at all my food pics, I have an actual obsession with food and trying new foods, mainly why I love travelling so much!!! I can't wait to see what my next vacation brings!!!!