Homemade Sushi!!!!

I LOVEE SUSHI!! My whole family does! But as a college student, having sushi as often as I want, especially with how much I eat, isn't really a budget-friendly idea. I have found a great way to make sushi at home which is actually healthier than restaurant sushi, and a lot cheaper!! This recipe is for California rolls and also avocado and cucumber rolls (for our vegetarians). Let's get started!!


Cooked long-grain rice (or you can buy special rice for sushi)

Rice vinegar



Seaweed sheets



Imitation crab sticks





In these pictures I made 2.5 cups of rice which I cooked with 3.5 cups of water, so it was extra moist and soft. To make "sushi rice" from normal rice, you add a few tablespoons of rice vinegar and about a tablespoon of sugar and salt. Mix it until you reach a sticky consistency. You may need to add more rice vinegar. Continue stirring until this consistency is reached.

At home we have a bamboo sushi roller, but since I'm at school I had to improvise! First I laid the seaweed sheet on a towel with saran wrap on top. Next I spread a thin layer of rice on top, as you can see I focused the rice on only one half of the sheet. 

Next I placed my fillings, cucumbers and avocado, with imitation crab for a non-vegetarian version. The imitation crab is typically frozen and I defrosted it in the microwave before placing it with the other toppings. 

Next, rolling!! This takes a time or to get the hang of it, but start rolling with the half that contains the rice and fillings. using the saran wrap to help, make the first full roll until you have enveloped the rice. Then take the saran wrap and push it back to tighten the roll. Continue rolling until you've almost reached the end, it should only take more one full roll, and pull the roll back one more time to tighten again. Then finish your roll and cut the pieces! This "tightening" technique might take a try or two, I know it did for me! But you'll definitely get the hang of it. You can also make a sushi roll with rice on the outside, for which you would place rice on the saran wrap first before the seaweed sheet. The saran wrap would especially come in handy for this type of sushi, but we just kept it simple! 

This is super yummy and the 2.5 cups of rice made a lot of rolls!! It's a lot healthier than restaurant or store bought California rolls because the imitation crab doesn't have a lot of mayonnaise mixed in! Another thing I like to do is just take out the rice entirely and it's even healthier, low-carb option that's faster to make!! 

I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I do!!!