How I Curl My Medium-Length Hair!!!!

Hi friends!!! In this post I'm going to show you my favorite way to curl my hair at this length!! Hair is important to every girl and I feel like a good hair day just makes you feel so put together! You feel me?!  I've been curling my hair for almost as long as I can remember. I have straight hair, and I love my hair, but my issue is with the length it's at now, is it flips out at the end which totally drives me INSANE. Even when I straighten the ends, it doesn't stay put very long, so I've relied on curling my hair when I want it to look its best. This is how my hair's been curled in most of my Instagram pictures!! 

Smiling bc turkey day is two days away and Black Friday only 3 days away 😋😝

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I've started washing my hair only every 3 days, and it took me a little bit to get used to it, but I LOVE IT. This way I spend less time in the shower (we all know how long it takes to wash, condition, repeat), and I can spend 20 min curling my hair for it to last 3 days!! Which in my opinion is totally worth it! Keep reading to see how I get my curls and how I get them to last all 3 days!!

Disclaimer: A few days before this picture was taken I got a temporary tattoo of a minion on the inside of my arm ;) lol 

Products I use:

  • Heat Protectant Spray -- So very important when applying heat! I use it generously! I can't say I have a favorite, but I usually go for the brand TreSemme, and I've really been loving this one! It sprays very finely and has a broad spray, if that makes sense
  • Hair Spray -- Again I don't have a ride or die hairspray but I've gone through a couple of these TreSemme one and I like it because it holds without making my hair crunchy!
  • Dry Shampoo -- the key to making your hair last 3 days!! I sometimes spray this to my roots after curling even though its my first day hair because it gives me some volume but I always use this on the second or third day! My hair is most oily on the second day and I've found Batiste to be my favorite drugstore dry shampoo!
  • Gorilla Snot Gel -- I know it looks crazy but this is my secret weapon for flyaways!!! After I saw that celebrity stylist Jen Atkin uses this product, I realized that my brother actually owned this! He let me have it and I'm obsessed. I just use a small amount to tame those crazies on the top of my hair and it works so well! It keeps everything in place and doesn't look greasy or get crunchy. A definite must try if you haven't already
  • Nume Wand 19mm -- Last year I made my biggest hair tool purchase ever and bought the NuMe Lustrum set which contains 5 changeable wands and I LOVE IT. I've found that the smallest wand gives me my favorite curls for my medium length of hair. I think this wand set is a great and I'm so glad I purchased it!

Now time to show you how I actually curl my hair!!

Step 1: Spray hair with heat protectant spray

Step 2: Curl hair! (yes I still use a glove because I like to get really every bit of my hair down to the tip, and also because I'm terrified of getting burned)

Tip: Hold the curl in your hand after curling, and let the curl cool; this helps the curl keep its shape! After releasing the curl, I like to tug the curl to loosen it a little

Step 3: Spray with hairspray! (Note: all of these steps are for each layer of hair, I spray each layer with heat protectant and hairspray in order to get the most protection for my hair and most hold)

Step 4: Tame flyaways with Gorilla Snot (this stuff is truly the best, such a hidden gem! Try it, you won't be disappointed!)

Step 5: SHAKE IT OUT!!! I don't like my curls to be super stiff but at the same time, when I brush my curls out they don't hold, so I've found that bending over and gently shaking them out works best for my hair!

That's it!!! I've found that these techniques have worked best for my length of hair and I love how it looks!! I've included pictures of what my hair looks like throughout the 3 days so you can get a good idea of how the curls last!! 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

That's it!! I know this was a really long post so extra thank you if you made it to the end!! I hope this helped you with any curling questions you might have had and if you have any other questions please leave comments!!