How to AVOID Spring Cleaning Your Closet

spring cleaning post.jpg

It's finally spring and you know what that means, the dreaded SPRING CLEANING. You know how there's those few pieces in your closet that you love and feel so attached to, but there's like one little problem with them so you don't wear them as much as you want to?  Well I'm here to share 4 reasons why you don't have to throw those pieces away. I call it "How to Salvage Clothes You Thought Were Gone Forever." Let's get started!

Problem #1: The stretched out sweater

Solution: Layering!!

Stretched out sweaters have to be the absolute worst!!! It's very sad when you can't wear a sweater because it's just too baggy and has lost it's shape (Pro Tip: to prolong your sweater's life, don't hang them, instead store them in a drawer or bin). By layering your sweaters on top of blouses, plaid, or button downs, you give your sweater some structure underneath and take up some of that baggy room! And you stay warmer! I love rolling up the sleeves with my bottom layer and sweater so that some of the bottom layer peeks out of your sleeves! Also, bottom layers with a collar you can show off or a longer hem tend to make the outfit look more put together!

Problem #2: Awkward Jean Length

Solution: Roll 'em up! or Boots!

It's so hard to wear jeans that aren't the right length for you! Whether this is due to shrinkage, growth spurts, or an online order gone wrong, it's such a waste to not wear a good pair of jeans! By rolling the bottom you can adjust the length of your jeans accordingly! Also wearing combat boots, or riding boots is a great way to hide the bottom of your jeans while still being super cute!

Problem #3: Too big shoes!

Solution: Two socks or thick socks!

Wearing shoes that are a little too big can cause a lot of discomfort and difficulty walking, but no fear! One solution is wearing two socks. It can sound silly, but by wearing a thinner pair on bottom and regular pair on top, you can fill in the shoe more and also create more cushion! Thick socks can also be a good solution! 

Problem #4: Too Tight or Too Short Shirts

Solution: Cardigans, high rise jeans, vests

The shrinking shirt. Ugh, the ultimate disappointment. I realize that tight and cropped shirts are in right now, but not all of us have the desire to rock that style. No fear! There are many solutions that can allow you to still wear your favorite tee! A long cardigan or vest is always a good option because it allows your shirt to be seen while still maintaining a modest front and covered side view. By wearing high rise bottoms, you eliminate a lot of tummy bearing and depending on the shirt and pants, you can be completely covered up or have only a little midriff showing which is better than your whole tummy!

I hope these saved a few items in your closet from the donation pile or trash pile! I wish you the best in your spring cleaning journey!!