How to Style a Bandana: 3 Ways

My favorite accessory lately has been this bandana!! I picked this black bandana up from Walmart for $1, and I have worn it so much since!! I think it adds a great edge to any outfit and really just elevates your look!! I shared with you my favorite 3 ways to style this bandana, take a look!

Style #1: Straight Back

When I first saw this style I wasn't completely sure how I felt about it, but after trying it I realized how unique it was! By leaving the excess of the bandana straight back it's like a detail at the nape of your neck which is so cute! Obviously this look works best with your hair up so you can see the detail! I think of it as a fun spin on a choker (which I'm also obsessed with) and I can't wait to wear this more!

Style #2: We Can Do It!

Doesn't this hairstyle remind you of the old womens of Rosie the Riveter showing off her biceps with the red bandana in her hair?! I love that poster! Anyway, this is a little more subtle because of the black color, but just as bada**. I think it's is such an edgy sporty look!!! I prefer to tuck the excess of the bandana back under the headband so it doesn't stick out and you only see the knot detail!

Style #3: Handkerchief bc we classy

This was the first style I ever tried with this bandana and it's still one of my favorites. I think I love it because it can accessorize so many outfits!! Whether you're going for a classy or edgy look it will complement your outfit perfectly!! I like to wear it looser so that it looks more like a handkerchief style, but wearing it tighter like a choker is a great option too!


I hope you enjoyed how I styled my new favorite accessory!! Let me know what your favorite style is!!! Are you into this new trend too??