#MakeoverMonday Vol 1: Priya

Hey guys!! Happy Monday and Happy first day of February!! (the best month in my opinion) ;)  I'm here with a new section that I'm calling #MakeoverMonday! I hope to do a little makeover on one of my friends each month! I thought I'd start with my lovely best friend Priya!! She's one of the most supportive people in my life and I couldn't have started the blog without her!! Let's get started!!

First I started off with her makeup! I applied a tinted BB cream and powder on top for a light base with coverage. For her eye makeup I really wanted a dramatic grey smokey eye. I mostly used the Naked 1 palette and focused on the shades "gunmetal" and "creep." For added dimension and drama I used some other eyeshadows in her outer crease to darken the look. I applied a thick wing using liquid eyeliner and a few coats of mascara on her top and bottom lashes. Lastly for her eyes I smuged the shade "gunmetal" on her bottom lashline for added smokiness. I didn't do anything to her brows because they are already really great. I added some blush and highlighter to her cheekbones and a subtle dark tint to her lips. That's it!

Next was hair! First tied off a half up half down ponytail. Then I took a small strand of hair from that ponytail and wrapped it around the elastic to cover the elastic and then pinned it with a bobby pin. Next I fishtailed down the ponytail for a few inches before I tied the ponytail off again. I repeated the same process of taking a strand and covering the elastic before pinning the strand with a bobby pin. I repeated this whole process about 3 times, depending on the length of fishtail between each tie-off and the length of your hair. After the ponytail was finished, I loosened the fishtail a little with my hands to make the braid look a little fuller. Lastly, I used my 32mm NuMe wand to create super loose curls with the hair left down. I really loved how easy this hairstyle was to do, but also how chic it looks at the end! 

Lastly, the outfit!! This outfit incorporates a lot of fall trends but is great to wear on warmer fall days, perfect for Texas!! On top I started with a loose black top that had cut-out designs in the front and sleeves and paired it with a matching statement necklace for a little more sparkle. On the bottom she wore these super cute mustard shorts with patterned tights and booties. We tucked a little of the front part of the shirt into the shorts to eliminate a baggy look while still giving the outfit a loose and flowy feel. Priya rocked this outfit and looked like such a Pinterest model in these clothes!! 

I had so much fun making over my best friend!! She looked so stunning and I'm beyond lucky to have her in my life!! I want to thank her so much for being my first #MakeoverMonday and I look forward to many more to come!!! 

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