#MakeoverMonday Vol 2: Laura

Hey hey!! It's Volume 2 of #MakeoverMonday!!! Special thanks to Laura (I call her Laur) for being my next volunteer. I had so much fun making her over!! This outfit is pretty fall-inspired and I know it's already March (code for summer in Texas), but this outfit can easily be turned spring with a lighter lip color, a lighter color blouse, and some sandals! Anyway, let's get started!

Makeover Monday Vol 2 before.jpg

Before pictures above--Laur looks mad at me for some reason...

First for makeup I applied foundation and powder to set it and spruced her brows up a little with a pencil. I focused a lot on the blush and highlighter because Laur has super high cheekbones! She has green eyes so I wanted to compliment that with a taupey copper brown smokey eye. I didn't make it too dramatic since this was a daytime. I lined her bottom lashline with a gold eyeliner for a little more shine. For the final touch, I applied a plum colored lipstick that coordinated well with her shirt!

Next, hair!! I loved this hairstyle for Laur!! I started by parting a top section of her hair and tying the rest off. Next, I dutch braided the top and tied that off. For the bottom part of her hair I used my 19mm NuMe wand for some beachy waves. I tried to make them as loose as "messy" as possible by leaving the bottoms out of the wand as I was curling them. I heated them for only about 4 seconds and ran my fingers through them at the end. After her hair was all curled I went back and tied the braid at her scalp and made a top knot with the remaining hair. Top knots are so trendy and Laur definitely rocked it!!

Finally for outfit I kept it really casual with this maroon button down and army green jeggings. She wore some short leather booties for a little edginess and paired a simple long gold necklace to complete the look.

That's it!! She looked so gorgeous!! We happened to be matching pants also!! I love this girl so much and I had so much fun with this makeover! I hope you enjoyed it too!! Thanks for being my doll Laur ;)

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