#MakeoverMonday Vol 4: Vicki

Happy summer!!!! Which in Texas means sweating right as you walk outside, but I try not to let that stop me from enjoying summer fashion!! I had SO much fun making over one of my best friends and roomie!!! Vicki was my very first friend I made in college and she will always have a special place in my heart! She honestly didn't even need this makeover, she is so gorgeous naturally, but nonetheless let's get started! 

Before pictures!

First I did her makeup! I wanted a really dewy and rosey makeup look that just radiates in the sunlight! I used a cushion foundation for a really nice finish, and added some contour to define her cheekbones and forehead. I finished her face with a bright pink blush and lots of highlighter!! Vicki has perfect skin so the only concealer I used was to brighten her under eye area! For her eyes, I used a shimmery pink on her lid and added some definition with a mauvey purple in her crease. Next I used my favorite liquid eyeliner, the Eyeko skinny liner, and made sharp wing that really completed her look. I smudged a little of the crease eyeshadow on her bottom lashline and added a pencil liner to define the eye even more. I finished her eyes with generous coats of mascara! To finish her look I added a pink lipstick with gloss on top!

Next her hair!! I started with a deep side part and Dutch braided one side and continued the braid around the side of her head. I slowly lowered the braid when I got closer to the other side of her head and braided it down and tied it off with a clear elastic. For the rest of her hair I waved it with a straightener and that's it! Super summery and effortless!

Lastly for the outfit! I wanted a super classic summer look, so obviously I went for a crop top and high-waisted shorts! This mustard color halter looked so cute on Vicki and paired so nicely with light wash shorts and classic converse! I added a spiked necklace for a little more accessorizing to complete the look!

Vicki looked so pretty and ready for summer!!! It was so much fun making her over!!! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post!!! I can't wait for more summer #MakeoverMonday's!!!!