#MakeoverMonday Vol 5 Sport Edition: Brittany

Hey y'all!! I'm here with another #MakeoverMonday, this time a sporty edition!!! When I came home to Abilene for a few little while before summer school, I saw my close friend Brittany! I call her Britt, and we've known eachother since I think 5th grade! We became super close in high school playing on the same tennis team and spent pretty much all of senior year together. She now goes to Harding University in Arkansas which means I don't get to see her that much. :( She plays college tennis there and I'm so proud of her!! Since she is a college athlete, I thought it was only fitting to do a sporty makeover for Britt! Let's get started!!

Before pictures

Hair: Dutch braids (or inside out braids and also known as boxer braids) are such a trend this season but I decided to switch it up a little bit by crossing the braids! I saw this tutorial on Youtube by Missy Sue who has some really great hair tutorials which give me a lot of inspiration when I want to switch it up! You can find the video here. It's a lot more simple than it looks and it puts such a chic and unique spin on typical braids. 

Makeup: Since it's a little unreal to have super heavy makeup for a "sporty" edition, I kept it pretty simple with the eye makeup. After foundation and concealer, I applied some bronzer, blush, and highlight which really made her cheeks pop! This had to be my favorite part of her makeup. Next I added a little color to her brows with a pencil/powder combo. For her eyes I contoured her eyelids a little with a darker shadow and added a thick wing eyeliner. I used a copper toned eyeliner on her bottom waterline and finished the look with several coats of mascara. I kept the lips simple with a natural lipstick and some light pink lipgloss.

Outfit: I wanted something really sporty but also very flowy and chic while at the same time practical. We paired some long black tights with some grey detail with a cropped maroon top. I loved the contrast of these two pieces and of course she had to wear her tennis shoes! She looked like she could've been going to a boxing ring! I loved her look so much, she looked like a perfect sporty girl!

We took our pictures at our country club and they turned out so great! It was so much fun catching up with this girly. We have so much fun together, she's constantly making me laugh! I have some of my best memories with her and I can't wait for many more! Love you Britt!

I hope you enjoyed this #MakeoverMonday as much as me and please contact me if you'd like to be a future #MakeoverMonday!