Winter Staples

Hey guys!!! So finally winter is in full swing and I have to say how glad I am! I am so tired of wearing tank tops and shorts! I love winter fashion because I feel like there are so many more options for being stylish since there are more clothes to style! I thought today I would share with you my top 10 winter staples, in clothes and beauty. Each picture below leads to a link of where to find the product! Let's get started!

1. Beanies--what better way than to keep your ears and head warm than with a stylish beanie! I love beanies because of their practicality and also versatility! Beanies can be styled in so many ways including sporty casual wear, edgier outfits, or nicer winter outfits! Here are a few of my favorite beanie styles for any winter ensemble. 

2. Smokey eyeshadow-- Wintery nights pair so nicely with a warm colored smokey eye. Brown and reddish eyeshadows are great makeup compliments for winter outings! Here are a few example pictures with links to get a closer look!

3. Dark lips-- What better to pair winter clothes with than a dark vampy lip?! I'm completely obsessed with dark lip colors and they are the perfect part of a great winter outfit. Here are some great colors and brands that I found! 

4. Dark nails--Dark nails are the matching pair to dark lips. They look great in the winter time and are a great addition to a edgy, vampy ensemble. 

5. Scarves--If I had to choose a favorite winter accessory, scarves would definitely be it! They have this great ability to spice up any outfit. I used to always look for printed colorful scarves but recently I've been appreciating more plain, super chunky scarves that can go with any outfit and are so cozy! It's great to have different styles of scarves, below I linked an oblong, infinity, and square scarf! 

6. Vests--Vests are a great layer to wear in the winter time. They can add a very "ski bunny" vibe to an outfit or a chic center piece of another. I found so many great vests!! Leather vests are super edgy, tuxedo vests are incredibly chic, and sporty vests are so warm and cozy!

7. Sweaters--Sweater weather is the best kind of weather. Whether you're looking for chunky knits or fitting turtlenecks, sweaters are a definite must for winter time and are such a cozy part of winter apparel! Enjoy my picks!

8. Warm coats--When going out at night (or day!) during winter, a stylish outer layer is an essential. Since a coat is first thing people will see, it has to be as fashionable as possible! Here are my top picks!

9. Boots-- One of the biggest staples of winter weather. There are so many types of boots to choose from, whether it's an edgy combat boot, a chic heeled bootie, casual riding boot, or cozy Ugg boots!

10. Gloves--Keeping your hands warm in cold weather is always needed! There are so many different types of gloves, from super chic leather gloves to fuzzy and cozy to convertible gloves!

The end!! Whew! I really hope you enjoyed seeing all my winter staples and reading this post! No really, I hope you liked it because it took a good while to find all these products, haha. Completely worth it though! I now want to buy everything on this page. I would love to hear what your winter staples are! Are they similar to mine??



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