New Brand Alert: Colourpop!!

  Image via  Brigette Ramos

 Image via Brigette Ramos

Hey guys!!! My first Beauty post!!! I'm here with a new brand obsession: COLOURPOP!! Literally anytime I start talking about Colourpop and their products I get soo excited. They have become a staple and a go-to in my makeup routine.

Colourpop is an online-only beauty brand that has lip products, blushes, highlighters, eyeliners, and eyeshadows.

Above from left to right: Solow, Beeper, Lumiere 2, Bumble, Tulle, LBB lippie stix, above is a highlighter in Spoon and below a eyeshadow in Lovely

I'll go through each of their products below. Let's start with their lip products because they are by far my favorite product. They have two main lip products, the ultra-matte lips and the lippie stix.

Ultra-Matte Lips 

The ultra-matte lip products are my new to-die-for products. They apply like a gloss, with a doe-foot applicator and have a staying power like no other. When I first got them I swatched them on my hand and the swatch stayed there for at least 2 days, even after probably two showers and multiple hand washes. What I love most about these ultra matte lips is that they really are so matte and don't dry your lips! You do have to make sure your lips are exfoliated though, otherwise it won't apply as smooth. I have tried so many matte lip products and almost all dry my lips terribly. They have so many shades to choose from and the best thing…? They're only $6. Yes, that's what I said, $6!!!! Before buying I would definitely advise looking up swatches online. They have swatches on their website but it's good to see more than one swatch. I had 3 shades when I first wrote this post, but I just got two new ones and I'm so obsessed!! I want all of their shades. I didn't swatch them since I don't have that many shades and you'll see a lot more shades if you just google swatches. I probably use Solow and Bumble the most just because Tulle is really dark for an everyday use. My new shades Lumiere 2 and Beeper super good everyday nudey tones. I could talk about this product for about a year, but I'll try and stop and just say that if you do decide to give Colourpop a chance (which you should), the first product you should try are these ultra matte lips. 

Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencil:

These lippie stix come in multiple finishes, I only have one lippie stix, in the shade LBB, with the matte formula, and I like this product a lot, but the matte finish doesn't compare to the ultra-matte lips. I haven't tried any of the other finishes, but I've heard really great things about them! At only $5, they are still a steal! Let's put it this way, if you were going to try one product, then ultra-matte lips are the best, but these products are great too. The lippie pencils have coordinating shades to the lippie stix. I haven't tried these yet, mostly because I feel like the lippie stix look fine without them!

Super Shock Shadow:

After my first purchase of the ultra-matte lips, I knew I had to try more of their products. Their super-shock shadows are insanely pigmented eyshadows that are just amazing. They have creamy, bouncy consistency and their pigmentation is just unbelievable. They are at a great price also and are my second favorite Colourpop product. Because of their crazy pigmentation, I would encourage you to get a sparkly shade, or a shade that could be incorporated into a great smokey eye which is hard to find in other palettes. They also have a ton of super bright eyeshadow colors like yellow and green, so if you're planning on stepping out of your eyeshadow comfort zone, this is the place to buy. I only have one shade, Lovely, but I would LOVE to get more. This shade is so sparkly and amazing. I wish they had palettes but I guess the individual packages make each shade more special! These are a must try!!

Gel Cream Colour & Crème Gel Liner:

Colourpop has a line of eyeliners that come in either a gel or a pencil form. I haven't tried this product, but my friend has a gel liner in a teal color and it's so pigmented and glides on so smoothly! I would recommend getting a super bold color if you were to get an eyeliner from here because, I mean, the company is called Colourpop! 

Highlighter & Blush & Bronzer:

Colourpop also has highlighters, blushes, and bronzers. I have only tried the highlighter which is so amazing and perfect. I have it in the shade Spoon and it just adds a really nice subtle shine with some sparkle to my cheekbones. I haven't tried the blush or bronzer but I have heard great reviews. Knowing Colourpop, I trust any of their products! It was a little hard to choose my highlighter shade because a lot of them look similar, so I would encourage you to do your swatch research to pick the shade that would look best on you!

I just love Colourpop and their products so much!!! If you love lipsticks and lipglosses, the ultra matte lips are for you!! And if you want a super sparkly shadow or any kind of makeup that is a standout color, this is the place!!! Let me know if you've tried Colourpop or are thinking of trying their products!!