Plaid 3 Ways

Hello to all my plaid friends!!!! First let's start off with a little clarification. Plaid vs Flannel. Easily and mistakenly used often interchangeably, but I'm going to clear it up once and for all. Plaid is a pattern, while flannel is a material. Most of the plaid shirts I own are flannel, but I usually just call them "plaids" because I'm not quite sure what the material criteria for a flannel shirt entails. Anyway, moving on!

If you know me, on casual days I like to dress what I call cute casual which usually involves plaid. I've grown a small collection of plaid and I wear them all soo much!! Fun fact: I think all of the plaid pieces I own are actually mens plaid! I think it's easier to find them at a lower price and they're usually baggier and softer! Plaid is such a timeless print and it's my go to outfit and the comfiest piece that I can throw on to pull any outfit together for a casual sporty, hipster-y ensemble!! I get hot easily so I love wearing tank tops under a plaid shirt so I can tie it around my waist when I get too warm! The best of both worlds! I love how plaid is so versatile for weather and occasion!! Let's get started on ,my favorite 3 ways to sport this pattern!!!

Look #1: Sneakin' my way downtown

This is my super cute casual outfit. The leggings and sneakers make the outfit really casual but the plaid gives the outfit a great statement. The tie around the waist look has been a super popular trend and is so convenient especially for changing weather!

Grey Tank, Plaid similar, Tights, Sneakers, Sunnies similar

Look #2: Care for some Kale?

This is my ultimate go-to look. Whenever I can't think of an outfit I automatically go towards a cute tshirt and plaid over a pair of jeans. It's so comfy and plaid just goes so well over any top! I wore my favorite Kale shirt and some light wash skinnies with my perforated black Van slip ons. Cute and comfy!!

Kale shirt (got at Target for $12, but cant find it online anymore!), Skinnies, Plaid, Vans


Look #3: Tucked and buttoned

This is my nicest plaid look. I think a tucked in plaid shirt is such a classy look and it gives a masculine edge to this ensemble. I paired this plaid shirt with my favorite high-waisted skinnies and some black suede booties. I accessorized with this super cute double choker and that's it!! I think it looks great for any occasion and can be altered to fit your style!

Plaid, Black skinnies, booties similar / similar, choker, sunnies

I hope you've enjoyed these outfits and I hope it fueled your plaid love!!