Starbucks Upcycle Project

Hey guys!! I'm here with a super fun upcycling project for you!!! I had so much fun making this, and it was so easy!! I've been saving up all my Starbucks cup sleeves and stoppers for quite a while now and finally I had enough to make something with them! I originally had a different project going but it didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to, so I was left with a bunch of sleeves and stoppers and a need for a new idea! Anyway, so I came up with a great idea... A giant coffee cup!! Every time I went to Starbucks, I really hated throwing away the cups and sleeves, it felt so wasteful! About a year ago I bought one of their reusable cups and now use it every time I go! They're only $2 I think and they give you a $0.25 discount every time you use it! I encourage everyone to get one! Now enough with the Starbucks promo, let's get to this project!

It was a really simple project, I drew the outline of a Starbucks cup and then traced it with a sharpie. Then I outlined the part where the sleeve would be after trimming a few sleeves to fit the outline, I hot glued the sleeves to that area (Tip: glue the inside of the sleeves together first so it stays flat)! I had a lot of sleeves so decided to kind of make a few layers to enhance the 3-D effect and also cover up more areas where the foam was showing. This isn't necessary if you don't have this many sleeves! 

Then I took the stoppers and used wire cutters to cut off the bottom, leaving only the Starbucks design on the top. I have tried using scissors but this plastic is quite hard to cut, so take my advice and just go straight to wire cutters! Next I glued those onto the top of the cup and also added a few layers like with the sleeves. Ta-da!!! I did a little shading on parts of the cup to make it look a little more realistic and "shadowed" effect!! 

I hope you liked this project! I can't wait to hang this giant coffee cup in my room! It is such a fun and whimsical decoration! It was so simple and fun to make!! Show me what you come up with!