Trip #1: Boston, MA

Hey guys!! Welcome to my first post in my new series called "Travel Adventures!" I am so lucky to travel as much as I do, and I thought this was a great way to share some of my experiences with you!

I just got back last Monday from my first trip to Boston, Massachusetts! I had never been to Boston or Massachusetts and this trip makes me want to make this a regular journey! I typically dread the history lessons that come with travelling, but learning Boston's history really made some high school history textbooks come to life! The history there is so rich and interesting, it was really cool to see where everything started in the United States!

Day 1: 

We got to Boston late the night before, so after sleeping in a little bit, we took a walk to our lunch destination! We stayed at the Nine Zero Hotel which was really in the heart of downtown Boston and a great location for sight seeing! 

The walk to lunch went through a bunch of landmarks. We walked through the Boston Commons which was the first park in the United States. They had over 30,000 flags in the ground in honor of Memorial Day weekend, it was amazing. Next we walked through the Boston Gardens which had a really nice pond which was so green and beautiful to walk through. After the Gardens, we walked on Newbury St which is like the 5th Ave of Boston. It was incredible. Shopping on this street is so #goals. Most of the stores and cafes were stacked on top of eachother, one below and one above which was so unique! Then there were apartments above most of the stores. All of your dream stores were on that street and it was so fun walking through it.

After lunch we took the T (that's what they call the subway in Boston) to the Samuel Adams brewery. Although I couldn't drink any of the samples, it was really interesting to learn about the process of how they make their beer and to learn more about this company. I would definitely recommend going on this tour next time you're in Boston!

Later that evening we took a duck tour! I've never been on one before and it was one of the coolest things ever. This tour bus/boat goes on land but can also go in the water!! I learned so many cool facts about Boston and really got a great view of the city! The coolest part had to be transitioning from land to sea and back, it's so amazing that something like this exists. The duck tour was definitely one of my favorite parts of this trip. 

Day 2: 

We decided to take a day trip to Martha's Vineyard! We rented a car and drove about an hour and a half to Cape Cod where we boarded a ferry which took us to Martha's Vineyard which is an island! The ferry ride was so beautiful! The water was a gorgeous blue and we got some great views of the island on the ride over!

Once we got to Martha's Vineyard we grabbed some lunch and then rented bikes to tour the island! Biking wasn't my first choice of transportation (I wanted the moped) but I was outvoted. :( The views were really pretty though and the island itself is just so amazing. I have now made it a goal to spend a summer here!! The houses were so amazing and obviously very expensive, but it was really just a dream-like island. It was like a perfect fantasy destination and exactly what you would expect a perfect world to look like! I'm so glad we took a day trip here!

Once we got back to Cape Cod, we stopped by Plymouth town on the way back to Boston. We saw the rock landmark and although it was literally just a rock, it was pretty amazing to think that the pilgrims landed in that exact same spot hundreds of years ago.

Day 3:

For our last day in Boston, we decided to take a walking tour called the Freedom Trail. It was a 90 minute tour which showed us 11 of the 16 landmarks in Boston. Our tour guide was dressed as Dr. Samuel Prescott and I learned so much about his role in our history and how understated of a character he really was. There were so many history myths that were busted during this tour and I really learned a lot. We spent a lot of time in Granary Burial Grounds where at least 5,000 people are buried, including some very important historical figures. I thought I would be creeped out that I was literally stepping on old bodies the entire time, but it was actually kind of cool to be literally immersed in all the history.

That was a quick recap of my trip to Boston!! It really was an unforgettable vacation and an educational one also! If I had to give you 3 suggestions for your next trip to Boston, they would have to be:

1) Duck tour

2) Martha's Vineyard

3) Boston Gardens

Let me know if you think I missed anything on my trip to Boston or if you loved Boston as much as I did!