TSwift Poster Project


Hey guys!!! So I have another little project that I did! I wouldn't necessarily call it an "upcycle" project, but I guess I did transform a poster into something else...?  It was super easy and simple to create!

I got to go to Chicago last summer with my Mom to see Taylor Swift's 1989 concert and it was one of the best nights of my life!! I could talk about my love for her and this album, but I'll save that for a later time. I got this super cute poster for my birthday last year and if you're not a Swiftie like me, this poster has all of the song names of her newest album, 1989! It's so cute and I've been hanging it in my room but it seemed a little understated so I thought I would jazz it up a little! I printed some of the pictures I took from that night and incorporated them into my project!


One picture frame (I used a 16x20 frame)

One poster

A bunch of pictures!


This poster had a nice border on the sides, but I wanted more of my pictures to show, so I got a larger frame! The poster was a 12x16 and I got a picture frame that was 16x20. 

Like I said this project was really easy, I just measured out how I wanted the pictures to fit and trimmed the excess! Then I taped the pictures to the border of the poster and wha-laa!! This project has so many different variations and there are so many creative possibilities!!! I hope you enjoyed this project!! I can't wait to hang this to remind myself of this great memory!!