Upcycling my Birchbox Boxes!!!

This year I started my first Birchbox subscription and I have to say, I love it!! Each month they come in the cutest boxes and I've been saving them, trying to think of what I could do with them! My friend Emily gave me this idea of using the boxes as picture frames! I love how this turned out and it's such a great upcycling project! For the bottom of the boxes I use them as cute storage boxes for my nail polish and lip balms, nothing goes to waste!!

For this project I printed some wallet size pictures that fit perfectly in the Birchbox boxes! I used double sided tape to make things easier and just taped the pictures on!! I hung them on my wall with thumb tacks and they look great!! Such a cute decoration!!


I love that the bottom part of the boxes are the perfect size for storing things around the room! 

I hope you enjoyed this upcycling project and that you consider upcycling the things in your house before throwing them away!